This text inspires you to think differently about how to criticize yourself and others, and finishes off with three easy steps to join the one percent.

A question came in from my friend and fellow Dream Triber Ahmed Abdulghani regarding content creation:

How do you overcome the need for perfection before taking action?

Very few of you know this, but when I was a child I used to be extremely critical. I would criticize younger children for not living up to the standards of adults. When someone had an opinion, I would almost always take the counter-opinion. Sometimes for good fun and arguing, but most of the time it was counterproductive.

I was not creating a pleasant, positive, and supportive culture around me.

I think a big reason for that was that I did not fit in well with the constraints of the school system. As I went through the grades, my energy and creativity started to die out.

Not only did I criticize others - I did not try to do many of the cool ideas that I had because I thought they would never work. I was my own worst critic as well.

As I became an adult I got inspired by Fredrik Hären to consider entrepreneurship. I started reading the classic self-help books and got into coaching American Football.

Those were the early decisions that shaped me into what I am today.

What shape do you want to be?

If you, who are reading this, are struggling with criticizing yourself which hinders you from sharing your thoughts with the world, your energy is just hiding under your self-binding.

As a small child, before you went to school, there were few, if any, limitations to your braveness to express your ideas.

Are you really doing yourself a favor by holding that child-like energy locked in deep inside yourself? I think that inner child should get some more creative playtime from you.

If you want to take the step, then let me help

  1. Send me a message with a topic that interests you.
  2. Include a few lines to help me understand the topic
  3. I'll support you in your journey to create your first blog/video.

Your inner child will thank you for the rest of your life that you took the step :)

Thank you for reading!

Does this strike a chord with you? I would love to hear your take on the subject and learn about your perspective!